SBDUserMessage Class Reference

Inherits from SBDBaseMessage : NSObject
Conforms to NSCopying
Declared in SBDUserMessage.h


The SBDUserMessage class represents the user message which is generated by a user via sendUserMessage:completionHandler: or sendUserMessage:data:completionHandler: in SBDBaseChannel or Platform API.


Translated message text.

@property (strong, nonatomic, readonly, nullable) NSDictionary *translations

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Represents the dispatch state of the message. If message is not dispatched completely to the Sendbird server, the value is SBDMessageRequestStatePending. If failed to send the message, the value is SBDMessageRequestStateFailed. And if success to send the message, the value is SBDMessageRequestStateSucceeded. (Deprecated: 3.0.173. (Use sendingStatus instead.))

@property (assign, nonatomic, readonly, getter=getRequestState) SBDMessageRequestState requestState



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