AI Chatbot Guide v1
AI Chatbot
Version 1


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AI-powered chatbots have greatly impacted the way businesses engage with their customers. They enable seamless and efficient communication by automating responses and providing personalized, and human-like interactions. Sendbird empowers businesses to incorporate AI chatbots into their apps, enhancing user experiences and streamlining customer support. On Sendbird Dashboard, you can easily create and manage your AI chatbot. See the list of available engines here.

Note: To ensure compliance with legal requirements and protect user privacy, review our terms and privacy notice.


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  • To create and implement an AI chatbot in to your web or mobile apps, you need to first create a Sendbird application.

Creating an AI chatbot on Sendbird Dashboard

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  1. On the dashboard, select your Sendbird application to create an AI chatbot for.

  2. Go to Chat > AI chatbots and click the Create bot + button in the top-right corner of the screen.

  1. Fill in each field according to the instructions below.
  • Bot name: enter a unique value.

  • Bot ID: enter a unique value and store it in a safe place as you will need it when creating a channel.

  • Profile image: enter the URL of the image.

  • Bot AI engine: select OpenAI ChatGPT or Meta AI Llama 2.

  • Parameter settings: configure the bot's response settings.

     - System prompt: specify the persona and responsibilities of the chatbot. Refer to Step 5 in a tutorial on how to create an AI chatbot and write its prompt.

     - Source: specify the content source value that AI chatbot can refer to when generating a response. Refer to the following table for available values. For more detailed instruction, see our guide on incorporating file and url sources.

List of values

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The chatbot uses the basic AI engine model.


The chatbot uses a PDF or txt file you uploaded on the dashboard. Supported formats are json, txt, md, and pdf. The maximum file size is 5MB.


A specified URL to be automatically analyzed and used as the bot's Content source. You can enter up to 10 URLs, each with up to 1,000 URL subpages.

  1. Click the Create button in the top-right corner of the screen.

  2. Once successfully created, you can invite the AI chatbot to your group channel and begin utilizing its features.

To learn more, see Sendbird's AI chatbot product page.