AI Chatbot Guide v1
AI Chatbot
Version 1

Integrate Sendbird's WordPress chatbot to your website

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Follow this guide to install your custom AI chatbot widget using Sendbird's WordPress chatbot plugin.


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Before you start, make sure you have the following information:

  • Your Sendbird bot ID. If you don't have a bot, create one on Sendbird Dashboard under AI chatbot > Manage bots > Create bot. For further information, you can see this overview page.

  • You can also find your application ID and bot ID in the Sendbird Dashboard under AI chatbot > Manage bots > Bot settings > Add to my website.

Installing the plugin

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  1. Log into your WordPress admin dashboard.

  2. Go to Plugins > Add New Plugin, and search for Sendbird AI chatbot in the search bar, then click on the plugin.

  1. Click on Install and activate. It may take a few minutes to install.

  1. Once installed, go to Sendbird AI chatbot under Plugins. Enter your application ID and bot ID in the respective fields. You can find these information on as mentioned in the prerequisite. Then, Save.

Finished View your site

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Your AI chatbot widget should now be visible and operational on the bottom right corner of your live WordPress site.

If you need further assistance or additional customization, contact us or see Sendbird's AI chatbot product page.