Represents a group channel update params.


  • GroupChannelUpdateParams


accessCode?: string

The access code for public group channel. The access code setting is only valid for public GroupChannels. Once the access code is set, users have to accept an invitation or join the public GroupChannel with the access code to be a member of the channel. Refer to join and acceptInvitation. To delete the existing access code, pass an empty string as to this and call updateChannel.

coverImage?: FileCompat

The cover image of the channel.

coverUrl?: string

The cover image's URL of the channel.

customType?: string

The custom type of the channel.

data?: string

The data of the channel.

isDiscoverable?: boolean

Whether the channel is a discoverable channel for public group channel. It is valid only when isPublic is set to true. If set to false, this channel will not appear in the result of PublicGroupChannelListQuery.

isDistinct?: boolean

The distinct mode of the channel. If isSuper is true, then this must be set to false.

isPublic?: boolean

The public mode of the channel. If set to true, then isDistinct must be false.

name?: string

The name of the channel.

operatorUserIds?: string[]

The operator user IDs of the channel.

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