Represents a scheduled file message params.



appleCriticalAlertOptions?: AppleCriticalAlertOptions

The apple critical alert options of the message.

customType?: string

The custom type of the message.

data?: string

The data of the message.

file?: FileCompat

The file object of the message.

fileName?: string

The file's name of the message.

fileSize?: number

The file's size of the message.

fileUrl?: string

The file's url of the message.

isPinnedMessage?: boolean

Whether the message should be pinned to the channel. (default: false)

isReplyToChannel?: boolean

Whether the message should also be sent to the channel. (default: false)

mentionType?: MentionType

The mention type of the message. (default: USERS).

mentionedMessageTemplate?: string

The mentioned message template.

mentionedUserIds?: string[]

The mentioned user IDs of the message.

mentionedUsers?: User[]

The mentioned users of the message.

metaArrays?: MessageMetaArray[]

The meta arrays of the message.

mimeType?: string

The file's mime type of the message.

parentMessageId?: number

The parent message ID of the message.

pushNotificationDeliveryOption?: PushNotificationDeliveryOption

The push notification delivery option user of the message.

scheduledAt: number

The schedule time to send the message, in Unix milliseconds format. The messages are scheduled in minutes, and values less than minutes are discarded. The term between current time and scheduledAt should be between 5 minutes (depending on the app attribute minimum_interval_for_scheduling) and 30 days.

thumbnailSizes?: ThumbnailSize[]

The file's thumbnail sizes of the message.

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