It represents the information of the file you want to upload through GroupChannel.sendMultipleFilesMessage.


  • UploadableFileInfo


file?: FileCompat

Returns the File object of the input file. The uploaded file URL would be set in fileUrl.

fileName?: string

Represents the name of the file.

fileSize?: number

Represents the size of the file.

fileUrl?: string

Returns the URL of the input file.

mimeType?: string

Represents the type of the file.

thumbnailSizes?: ThumbnailSize[]

Request for size information for thumbnail creation. A thumbnail image is generated to fit within the bounds of the provided maxWidth and maxHeight. If the size of the original image is smaller than the specified dimensions, the original image will have the width and height of the specified dimensions. The URL of the thumbnail returns the location of the generated thumbnail file within the Sendbird server.

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