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React-Native based UI kit based on sendbird javascript SDK


Sendbird UIKit for React-Native is a development kit with an user interface that enables an easy and fast integration of standard chat features into new or existing client apps. This mono-repository the UIKit source code is consists as explained below.

More about Sendbird UIKit for React-Native

Find out more about Sendbird UIKit for React-Native at UIKit for React Native doc. If you need any help in resolving any issues or have questions, visit our community.


  • Nodejs 14 or newer
  • yarn v1
  • Watchman
  • JDK 11 or newer
  • XCode
  • Android Studio

⚑ More details, please see
we strongly recommend installing yarn using corepack

Try the sample app

We are using sample app for development, you can check the sample app here and also check the UI components via storybook in the sample app.


Every script should be run on the root of the project.

Install node modules

yarn install

Linking native modules of sample app

yarn sample:pod-install

Running sample app

  • Android
yarn sample:android
  • iOS
yarn sample:ios

Sample app using your data

Create a file to sample/src/env.ts and write the code below to the file you created.

export const APP_ID = '2D7B4CDB-932F-4082-9B09-A1153792DC8D';

If you would like to try the sample app specifically fit to your usage, you can do so by replacing the default sample app ID with yours, which you can obtain by creating your Sendbird application from the dashboard.

Note Update Chat SDK version of sample app
Edit package.json and change the version of resolutions > @sendbird/chat to the version you want to use.

Trouble shooting

  • Could not connect to development server on Android device
    • Run adb reverse tcp:8081 tcp:8081.
  • Unable to resolve module ../version from packages/uikit-react-native/src/containers/SendbirdUIKitContainer.tsx
    • Run yarn workspace @sendbird/uikit-react-native generate-version on the root of the project.
  • concurrently 'yarn start' 'react-native run-android' does not working expected
    • Run yarn start and npx react-native run-android separately on the sample directory.


We tried development on macOS / Linux systems. You might encounter problems in running sample or scripts like yarn build in Windows machines.

Creating a new key function files

Run the script and enter the key function name as a lower camel case like groupChannel, and then you can see the auto generated files in the /packages/uikit-react-native/src/domain

yarn workspace @sendbird/uikit-react-native run create-domain

Managing repository

Note We are using yarn workspaces and lerna to maintain this monorepo

Patch package

If you need to patch some packages for the sample to work using patch-package

  1. npx patch-package package-name > mark as comment yarn-path in .yarnrc file
  2. OR ./node_modules/.bin/patch-package package-name > just run

Package dependencies

See yarn workspace

# Add dependency to specific workspace package
yarn workspace @sendbird/package add package-name
# Remove dependency from specific workspace package
yarn workspace @sendbird/package remove package-name

# Add dependency to root
yarn -W add package-name

Warning You should better install to root if you're trying to install native view modules. Sometimes native view module in the workspace is not hoisted, and it leads to Tried to register two views error on the sample app.

Bump version

See lerna version

lerna version {major|minor|patch} [--no-git-tag-version] [--no-private]

# or

yarn bump:{major|minor|patch}


See lerna publish



yarn build


# Unit test
yarn test

# Build test
yarn test:build

Lint and Prettier

# Check formatting
yarn lint

# Fix formatting
yarn fix

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