Live iOS v1
Live iOS
Version 1

Sendbird Live for iOS

With Sendbird Live for Android, you can easily turn your app into a streaming platform with essential messaging features and customizable UIKit. Try using Live Studio on Sendbird dashboard to set and test live events without writing code.

Video and audio specifications

  • 1080p video resolution
  • 60 video frames per second
  • VP8 video encoding
  • Aspect ratio management
  • Camera switching
  • Opus audio encoding
  • Audio auto-gain control
  • Mono and stereo support
  • Echo cancellation
  • Noise suppression

Most popular

  • Start your first live

    Start a live event with customizable and ready-made UI. Up to 100K participants can join.

  • Create a live event

    Create a live event to start streaming supported by low latency WebRTC.

  • UIKit for Live

    Use customizable UI to stream and chat in an open channel with moderation.

  • Change the state of a live event

    Change the states to get ready, start, and end a live event.

  • RTMP support

    Stream using a professional camera or external software.

  • Add custom items

    Add information about a live event as custom items.