Live JavaScript v1
Live JavaScript
Version 1

Sendbird Live for JavaScript

With Sendbird Live for JavaScript, you can easily turn your app into a streaming platform with essential messaging features and customizable React UIKit for Live. Try using Live Studio on Sendbird dashboard to set and test live events without writing code.

Video and audio specifications

  • 1080p video resolution
  • 60 video frames per second
  • VP8 video encoding
  • Aspect ratio management
  • Camera switching
  • Opus audio encoding
  • Audio auto-gain control
  • Mono and stereo support
  • Echo cancellation
  • Noise suppression

Most popular

  • Start your first live

    Start a live event with customizable and ready-made UI. Up to 100K participants can join.

  • Create a live event

    Create a live event to start streaming supported by low latency WebRTC.

  • UIKit for Live

    Use customizable UI to stream and chat in an open channel with moderation.

  • Change the state of a live event

    Change the states to get ready, start, and end a live event.

  • RTMP support

    Stream using a professional camera or external software.

  • Add custom items

    Add information about a live event as custom items.