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Version 2
Sendbird Chat UIKit v2 for iOS is no longer supported as a new version is released. Check out our latest Chat UIKit v3

Typing indicator

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Typing indicator is a feature that allows users to know visually if another user in the channel is typing a message. The indicator UI appears in the Header component of the SBUChannelViewController class and remains visible until the user sends the message or deletes the text completely. If the user stops typing for more than 10 seconds, the indicator will also disappear.

Note : In order to use the typing indicator feature, you must first create a channel and enable the chat service. To learn how to allow users to chat in a channel, refer to Chat in a channel.

Customize the UI for typing indicator

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The UI for typing indicator can be customized through SBUStringSet. The SBUStringSet is a set of strings used to compose the screen. You need to modify the stringSet values in advance if you want to make changes to the screen.

Text strings for typing status can vary depending on the number of members typing in a channel:

  • If one member is typing: “Member is typing...”
  • If two members are simultaneously typing: “Member A and Member B are typing...”
  • If more than two members are simultaneously typing: “Several people are typing...”


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The following table lists customizable properties of SBUStringSet that can be modified to customize file sharing.

Property nameDescription

Channel_Header_Typing (typingMembers)

A text for a member’s typing status.