AI Chatbot Guide v1
AI Chatbot
Version 1

UIKit Overview

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Sendbird's AI chatbot provides several UIKit features including card views, forms, feedback, and suggested replies. Developers can quickly implement user-friendly chat interfaces using Sendbird's UIKit for Chat, which offers a collection of pre-built UI components. To learn more about Sendbird's UIKit, refer to this documentation for iOS, Android, and React.


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Before you start using the UIKit features, make sure you have the following minimum requirements installed for the respective platforms.


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The minimum requirements for Android are:

  • Sendbird Chat SDK 4.13.0
  • Sendbird Chat UIKit 3.9.0

The minimum requirements for iOS are:

  • Sendbird Chat SDK 4.12.2
  • Sendbird Chat UIKit 3.11.0


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The minimum requirements for Javascript are:

  • Sendbird Chat SDK 4.10.1
  • Sendbird Chat UIKit for React 3.71

Sendbird Dashboard

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  • To create and implement an AI chatbot into your web or mobile apps, you need to first create a Sendbird application. You can do this through Sendbird Chat Platform API, or by signing up on the Sendbird Dashboard.

Available UIKit features

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The following table shows a list of UIKit features supported for AI chatbots.

FeatureSupported platformsDescription

Card view

Android, iOS, JavaScript

A feature that offers a versatile way to present information to users in a visually appealing and organized manner.


Android, iOS, JavaScript

A feature that enable users to give feedback on the bot's response using a thumbs up or down UI.


Android, iOS, JavaScript

A feature that allows you to collect structured information from your users.

Suggested replies

Android, iOS, JavaScript

A feature that offers predefined responses to streamline communication within your chat.