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Make a call

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You are now ready to make your first 1-to-1 call. To make a call, pass the callee’s user ID as an argument to a parameter in the SendbirdCalls.dial() method. To choose initial call configuration such as audio or video capabilities, video settings and mute settings, use the CallOptions type.

When SendbirdCalls.setListener({ onRinging }) or SendbirdCalls.dial is called, use the SendbirdCalls.getDirectCall() method to get DirectCall to make a call. To minimize the time it takes to receive call-specific events in the native SDKs to JavaScript, the React Native SDK does not convert DirectCallProperties to DirectCall.

const callOptions: CallOptions = {
 audioEnabled: true,
 videoEnabled: true,
 frontCamera: true,

const callProps = await SendbirdCalls.dial(CALLEE_ID, IS_VIDEO_CALL, callOptions);

const directCall = await SendbirdCalls.getDirectCall(callProps.callId);
 // ...