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Create a room

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You can choose to create a room that supports up to 6 participants with video or a room that supports up to 100 participants with audio. When a user creates a room in your app, the room’s status becomes OPEN and a ROOM_ID is generated.

You can create a room by setting the room type by using the Type property and the SendbirdCalls.createRoom() method as shown below.

const room = await SendbirdCalls.createRoom({
    roomType: SendbirdCalls.RoomType.SMALL_ROOM_FOR_VIDEO

List of properties

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Property nameDescription


Type: RoomType
Specifies the type of the room. Valid values are limited to the following:
- SMALL_ROOM_FOR_VIDEO: type of a room that supports audio and video, can have up to 6 participants.
- LARGE_ROOM_FOR_AUDIO_ONLY: type of a room that only supports audio, can have up to 100 participants.