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Support Chat
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Support Chat

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Sendbird Support Chat allows you to engage and stay connected with customers in various channels by integrating Sendbird Chat with third-party services. Support Chat enables such integration through a tool called Connector. For example, Salesforce Connector for Salesforce Service Cloud allows your Salesforce agents to interact with customers on a real-time chat window that can be housed in the Salesforce Service Console, improving your agent efficiency and optimizing customer support performance.

Support Chat currently supports Salesforce Connector, allowing you to leverage Sendbird Chat's advanced chat features for two of the Salesforce products: Salesforce Service Cloud and Salesforce Einstein Bots.

Sample apps

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Sendbird Support Chat provides sample apps for Android, iOS, and React so that you can start building your own apps with Support Chat. These sample apps demonstrates the basic functionalities of Support Chat and its UIs, such as a channel list view.

Salesforce Connector

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Support Chat: Salesforce Connector supports integration with Salesforce Service Cloud, a customer service and customer relationship management platform that features various add-on functionalities such as Omni-Channel Routing and Einstein Bots. Coupled with the vast customer data collected by Salesforce Service Cloud and advanced chat functionalities supported by Sendbird Chat, Salesforce Connector can help you deliver faster and more personalized service to your customers.

Integration with Salesforce Einstein Bots

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Salesforce Einstein Bots are an AI chatbot that can take action like checking claims status or modifying orders using natural language processing on real-time channels like chat and messaging. The bot is one of the add-on features provided by Salesforce Service Cloud. With Salesforce Connector, you can also integrate the bots with Sendbird Chat, boosting their efficiency and ensuring seamless handover to human agents.

Because Einstein Bots operates on Salesforce Service Cloud, you must integrate Salesforce Service Cloud through the Connector first to enable the bots. See our guide on how to integrate Salesforce Service Cloud with Sendbird Chat first before continuing with the bot integration.

Note: Only one Einstein Bot can be integrated with a single Sendbird application.

Before you start

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Here is a list of items you need in advance for Salesforce Connector for Salesforce Service Cloud.

  • Your Sendbird application ID and its API token from Sendbird Dashboard.
  • System Administrator’s ID and password for Salesforce Service Cloud.
  • Turn on the chat feature for Salesforce Service Cloud. Go to Setup home > Feature Settings > Service > Chat > Chat Settings on Salesforce Service Cloud and make sure to check the box next to Enable Chat.
  • Documentation for Salesforce Service Cloud.

Note: For a smooth implementation and configuration of both Sendbird Chat and Salesforce Service Cloud, we recommend that the process be carried out by those familiar with Apex programming because integration involves code-level operations on Salesforce's Developer Console.