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Migration guide

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Support Chat: Salesforce Connector, which was released as an unmanaged package in its beta version, has been changed to a managed package. This means that you can update the package at the provided URL without removing and reinstalling it. This page demonstrates how to migrate from the previous unmanaged package and to the new managed package.

Step 1: Remove the UI component

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First, remove the chat UI component from Salesforce. The component removal process may differ, depending on the UI component you chose during the integration.

Utility widget UI

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On Salesforce's Setup page, go to Setup Home > App Manager > Service Console > Edit > Utility Items (Desktop Only) > Sendbird Support Chat and click the Remove button as shown in the image below.

Case-embedded Chat UI

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On Salesforce Service Console, go to Lightning App builder > Case_Record_Page > Edit, remove Sendbird Chat Panel, and then Save.

Step 2: Remove Assignment Rules

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Now, remove the Assignment Rule you created for the current Salesforce Connector.

  1. Go to Setup Home > Service > Case Assignment Rules.

  2. Delete the Rule Entries currently using Case: Is Einstein Bot Case and Case: Sendbird Channel URL in their criteria.

Step 3: Uninstall the beta version

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Uninstall the beta package.

  1. Go to Setup > Apps > Packaging > Installed Packages and find the Sendbird Support Chat from the list of installed packages.

  2. Select Uninstall to remove the current package.

Step 4. Install the latest version

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Install the new package according to this guide.