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Conversation summary

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You can summarize conversations on Salesforce Service Cloud based on the Open AI API for a quick and efficient overview. These summaries are generated whenever a certain event, such as an update in Case's status or owner, takes place and only visible to the agent-side of Salesforce Service Cloud. You can enable the feature on Developer Console in your Salesforce organization account.

Note: This feature is free during the beta period. However, a usage cap may be applied without a notice during this period as our ChatGPT features continue to evolve. For pricing and plans for additional usage, contact our Sales team.

Event types

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When specific events occur within a Case, Salesforce Connector summarizes a conversation that has been taking place before the events and passes it along with the Case.

  • Case status: A conversation summary is generated when a Case status changes. For example, a Case status changes from New to Escalated or Closed.

  • Case owner: A conversation summary is generated when a Case owner changes. For example, a Case owner changes from being in a queue to an agent or from one agent to another.

Enable summary events

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You can determine which event will generate a conversation summary at the organization level. To do so, set the Sendbird__EnableSummarizeOnStatusUpdate__c and Sendbird__EnableSummarizeOnOwnerUpdate__c values of the Sendbird__Setting__c object.

  1. Open Developer Console in Salesforce.

  2. Go to Debug > Open Execute Anonymous Window in the menu bar and execute the following code. Depending on your needs, you can set only one of the events to true.

Sendbird__Setting__c setting = [SELECT Id, Sendbird__EnableSummarizeOnStatusUpdate__c, Sendbird__EnableSummarizeOnOwnerUpdate__c FROM Sendbird__Setting__c WHERE Name = 'SB-0000' LIMIT 1];
setting.Sendbird__EnableSummarizeOnStatusUpdate__c = true; // Set to false if not needed.
setting.Sendbird__EnableSummarizeOnOwnerUpdate__c = true; // Set to false if not needed.
update setting;
  1. Once you’ve updated the object, you can verify it by clicking the Query Editor tab at the bottom of the Developer Console window and executing the following query.
SELECT FIELDS(ALL) FROM Sendbird__Setting__c WHERE Name = 'SB-0000' LIMIT 1

More about this feature

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