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AI chatbot

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This page demonstrates how to create and connect an AI chatbot to Sendbird Desk on Sendbird Dashboard. Sendbird Desk supports Sendbird AI chatbots within the service for an automated and yet personalized customer service through an AI engine. After creating an AI chatbot under Sendbird Chat on Sendbird Dashboard, you can add the bot to Sendbird Desk after enabling the functionality on Settings > Desk > AI features.

How to set up

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  1. Create an AI chatbot under Chat > AI chatbot > Manage bots on the dashboard, which will be dedicated to assisting customers in Sendbird Desk. For more information about its settings, refer to our guide on how to configure the bot settings.

  2. Go to Settings > Desk > AI features and turn on AI chatbot for Desk.

  1. Once turned on, go to Settings > Desk > Bots and click Create + to add the AI chatbot to Sendbird Desk.

  2. When the Create bot window pops up, select AI chatbot and click Next.

  3. Select an AI chatbot you would like to connect to Desk and specify its Bot key which shall serve as the unique identifier of the bot within Sendbird Desk. Then configure the rest of its settings.

    • AI chatbot: select a bot to connect to Sendbird Desk. Bot key acts as a unique ID assigned to each AI chatbot utilized in Desk.
    • Tickets: configure whether to allow ticket transfer to the chatbot and how to determine the ticket's status when the AI chatbot transfers a ticket to a human agent.
    • Messages: specify a welcome message and a handover message for the chatbot.

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