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Unpin a message

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Sendbird Chat SDK for iOS allows you to unpin messages in group channels. Unpinning messages that are no longer relevant or important helps to keep the pinned messages organized in your channel.

Unpinning a message in a channel

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You can unpin a message using the unpinMessage() method of the GroupChannel class. Specify the messageId to unpin as shown in the code below.

// The below code assumes that the `userMessage` was already pinned.

// Unpin a pinned message.
channel.unpinMessage(messageId: userMessage.messageId) { error in
    guard error == nil else {
        // Handle error.
    // The message has been successfully unpinned.

The following table shows a list of properties related to the pinned messages feature. The pinnedMessageIds, and lastPinnedMessage properties belong to the GroupChannel class.

List of properties

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Property nameTypeDescription



Specifies an array of message IDs of the pinned messages in a group channel.



Specifies the last message that was pinned in a group channel.

Getting notified when a message is unpinned

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Once a message is unpinned, the channelDidUpdatePinnedMessages() event delegate is invoked. For further information on GroupChannelDelegate, see the Add or remove a channel delegate page.