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Chat iOS v4
Chat iOS
Version 4

Chat SDK for iOS

With Sendbird Chat for iOS, you can easily build an in-app chat with all the essential messaging features.

Most popular

  • Migration guide

    Migrate Chat SDK v3 to v4.

  • Unread message count

    Keep track of messages left unread in each channel.

  • Authentication

    Authenticate users with session tokens to prevent any unauthorized access.

  • Push notifications

    Notify users of any updates to their channels.

  • Create a channel

    Explore what you can do with open and group channels.

  • Local caching

    Sync your app with the Sendbird server to keep up to date on the latest chat activity.

Recommended features

  • Typing indicators

    Show typing indicators to other channel members to let them know someone is typing.

  • Manage channel information

    Add extra information to channels in different formats that best fit your needs.

  • Delivery receipt

    Get updates on the delivery status of messages for all group channel members.