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    Chat Platform API v3
    Chat Platform API
    Platform API
    Version 3
    Platform API

    Chat Platform API

    Explore what you can do with the Chat API.

    Most popular

    • Authentication

      Authenticate your API requests using an API token.

    • Unread messages

      Check the total number of unread messages.

    • Auto event messages

      Manage auto admin messages sent in response to events.

    • Managing users

      Learn how to update or delete user information.

    • Moderation

      Moderate activities to ensure a safe chat experience.

    • Creating announcements

      Send announcements to a large group of users.

    Recommended features

    • Notifications

      Check notifications settings for your Sendbird application.

    • Reactions

      Allow users to use emojis to react to messages.

    • Delivery receipts

      Check if messages have been successfully delivered to the recipient.

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